Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, remember, remember

I am doing the same job that I did 10 years ago. Every day I am reminded of things I did before that I had forgotten. I do learn a few new things, as we are doing some things differently this time around, but mostly it is a matter of remembering.
It makes me think about how often the scriptures ask us to remember, remember - usually repeated twice. When one stops going to church, or stops living the gospel as they know it, for whatever reason - they quickly begin to forget those things they knew or believed. Very quickly after choosing to ignore God and His ways we no longer remember what those ways were and it becomes easier to ignore more, which makes us forget more. Eventually we can drown out even the basic conscience that belongs to all men. God will do for us those things that we cannot do for ourselves, but we must do those things that we can, such as be good, be kind, follow the commandments, obey God's law. He that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, it is sin. That's a misquote but I'm not looking in my scriptures right now. I feel like I am seeing so much more immorality in the world than I used to. Those of us trying to follow the teachings of Christ must become better in order to keep the balance in the world.
I propose an experiment. Look up in the scriptures how many things we are told to remember. Maybe we can learn something we need from these things?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Having a happy holiday

My daughter was able, at nearly the last minute, come with hubby and baby to visit us for Christmas. So brother from California and his girlfriend came to be sure to see the baby and the two boys in SLC made it down as well. They may be coming to see baby but I got to see them too!! We were rather snowed in, it has snowed many inches many times in the past few days, but we made a fire, shoveled snow and visited a lot. Drank a lot of hot chocolate. We should probably have played more games but talking seems to take up all our time. Watched a few movies, played with my grandpuppy and a grandkitty too. Mostly it was a quiet Christmas as I am toning down the santa stuff and putting up more nativities instead. We sang hymns and read scriptures and ate a lot. One son and his girlfriend made a huge snowman which then proceeded to tilt over the next few days till it finally hit the ground. Hilarious! It was a good time and the only thing that would have made it better would have been if my oldest son and his family could have come. Maybe next time?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Over veg-ing

I am so out of practice at working full time! I get the work done fine, maybe even a little too much (my tendency is to fill out my time card and then later study something I need to, do e-mail to my boss, sort things for the next day. I swore I wouldn't 'give' time away this time but I do that just the same), However, I am having trouble keeping up with my housework. I am tired when I get home. I don't want to start a new cleaning project or renovating project. I will get better as I get used to work (I keep promising myself!), but right now I just want to sit and knit - crochet, and watch Christmas specials. At least I don't have to worry about doing any chores outside. It is too cold, too snowy and I did most of what I needed to in the yard before it became too cold and snowy. I would have liked to move some strawberry plants, but they will wait til next year. No, it is the renovating that needs my time and attention and is just not getting it. I WILL DO BETTER, I WILL DO BETTER. Think affirmations really work?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My word is my bond!

I have gone back to work full time. I'm very torn between wanting to stay home and do all the work that I need to do around here, (I still have move in stuff to do, cleaning stuff to do, and renovating stuff to do) and wanting to work and get out of debt. Renovating was my idea, but my timing was awful. Now I worry every time I hear a new message about preparedness. We had a member of the stake presidency speak to us again last Sunday. I owe money and I want not to!
So, I am back working for the US Census Bureau. I'm recruiting for individuals to work on the 16 operations we will have leading up to and taking the decennial census. Anyone who is interested in temporary work, (some part time, some full time) please call 1-866-861-2010. They will tell you where to apply in your area.

Another reason that I am feeling especially the need to get out of debt is that I have just heard a story of the latest loss of integrity in the world. The newest thing is to buy a new house while you are still in the old one. Prices have fallen so you might find a bargain. Then, after having obtained the new house, you stop making payments on the old one. It is foreclosed upon, your credit is ruined, but you have a house already so you don't care. This is fraud! It is stealing! It is conspiracy to commit fraud! It is totally illegal and completely immoral, yet people are getting away with it. There are too many of these crimes for them to be prosecuted.
Guess who will end up paying for this crime? All of us who want to buy houses in the future. All of us whose hard earned money is going to bail out companies who borrowed their entire working capital. All of us who want to use a bank that used poor business sense and lent to people without checking to see if they would pay back.
Lack of integrity in the world affects all of us. Stealing effects us all. (Obviously I don't know which of those words is correct.) However, I, for one, will pay everything that I have contracted to pay! My integrity is more important to me than any loss of value. (Hey, if I thought it was worth what I paid for it why should what is going on in the market effect my belief?)