Monday, January 23, 2012

A Customers quilt

I just finished my latest customer quilt. Makes rather a good whole cloth doesn't it?
She wanted traditional quilting - mostly stitch in the ditch and crosshatching.
I talked her into a few flowers and leaves in borders to soften the look.
Had a few piecing problems but altogether rather a beautiful quilt. Not cheap, unfortunately. (Sorry ladies). Had I been trying for a whole cloth I would have buried the knots, which would have added even more to the cost. I spent over 40 hours quilting this puppy! Oh, and she created the pattern on EQ.

By the way, it is finally snowing. It has been a weird, cold winter with almost no snow til now.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My latest wholecloth

A glimpse of a quilt I am doing for someone else, and my latest try at a whole cloth. Unfortunately, after I had finished it I realized it is too small by 20 inches circumference to put in the competition I wanted to enter. Sigh. I could try again slightly larger if I could find some 60 inch fabric or wanted to seam the top, or I could color this one and enter it as an art quilt. What do you think?