Sunday, August 30, 2009


I finished my green and pink top. I like it, but the stripe is very bold. I have enough scraps to do something else. And you should see the top Sweet C has started. Tiny little triangles that add up to 2 1/2 in squares. In the end it will be stars, but a very complicated way to get there. It will be fabulous.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What's in a name?

Sweet C has now made 6 quilt tops. This is his pinwheel.
This is actually a baby quilt. The favored fabric will be the back.
This is the quilt I am working on. I am having some corner problems.
This is the balloon that flew over my head as I was reloading the hummingbird feeders this morning.

Ok, so we have decided to go forward with the business. We have ordered a long arm quilting machine and are preparing some quilts to practice on. We had hoped to buy a used machine from a teacher of mine who hoped to move. She ended up not taking the job, so we weren't able to get the 'deal', but have decided to go forward anyway. I will let you know when new one arrives, cause you all will need to make quilts for me to learn on too.
Here's the problem: What do we call this business? We have a business license already for DJP Enterprises, set up when we were going to do something else entirely, so anything we do can be under that general umbrella. I am thinking maybe DJ Quilting, or DJ Machine Quilting. We could go with something like Spruce Quilting cause it ties with our name. I'd love to do something cute, but I'm not very creative and we do want it to suit us. My daughter told us about someone she deals with whose business name is Green Fairy Quilts. Amazing how well that would fit me (anyone seen the fairies in my garden lately) but it's taken. Should I think of something that goes with gardening? Flowers? Quilting? Or just stick with the name we have?
In the meantime, I will be working as fast as I can in the yard, as there is a bit too much harvest right now, and on the house, as I have lots of painting to do. I start my new job September 28th. That is, the new census job.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

research and learning

Sweet C decided he would make a quilt top to see how it is done. I didn't try to get the whole top in, as the lighting was bad. It is much nicer than you can tell here.
And I went to a long arm quilting class to see if I could even begin to do this. Of course, I loaded the pictures backwards, but you can see that my first ever attempt isn't half bad. Maybe I can quilt for others. My flowers (above) are my favorite. Didn't get the best picture.
They say you get better with practice. The above is my worst square, as I'm not sure I like those styles so I haven't drawn them much.
This is my teacher's favorite flower version
I, personally like hearts, but not perfect little all alike hearts. I can do those, but I prefer the little pointy tipped hearts that look all different.
You can see on the left my first attempt at a meander. Not even enough, but, still, my first few minutes on a machine. The bit on the right is my own version of a bounce. I kind of like the more geometric look than my version of my teachers favorite bounce, which I was horrible at.
And that is a poor picture of the whole days lesson. It was great fun, but I can see that I will need lots of practice. If I do this you will all have to let me practice on your quilts.