Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming along

My husband can do anything!!! (OK, maybe some of our boys can do more with computers - but he can do tons that they can't. So there! )
Yesterday, with a little help from me - I am the carpenters helper - he built the lower deck, sheathed the lower deck, built and sheathed the stairs down, and we picked up more materials to sheath the upper landing and stairs.
The day before I had picked up deck rail and fencing materials, so my next project will be digging two foot deep holes in this rocky dirt. Three foot deep where the gates attach! Wish me luck. Better yet, come help me dig. Sweet C, in the meantime, will figure out how it all goes together (he's the tinker toy guy) and be cutting and putting it together. We really are trying to get it all done before we leave for Canada (to help our daughter finish her basement - AND see the grand-babies!!!!)
It is becoming quite exciting. Even the neighbors stop to see how it's coming along. Why is it that we so love seeing things being built? I am just as interested in what I see others building. Progress is fun.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

quilts and decks

Ok, so, again with the picture problem. Heather is helping me to fix it, but I haven't yet bought the lights I need. This is a poor shot of the last freehand quilting I did. I really like it, but don't know if anyone else will. It was a good exercise though.
I hope to get our stuff up on the website soon, but I want good pictures so people can tell what they are buying.

I also wanted to show you what we have been working on lately. We rented an auger and dug huge holes in the hillside. (Lots of BIG rocks) Then I moved MANY wheelbarrow loads of dirt and rocks out, flattened as best I could and John framed today. We are building a deck!!! Then we will put in a fence from the deck to the side fence in an attempt to keep out the neighbors cats and the people who seem to wander at will through my backyard. (I find tracks every time it snows. Sheesh!)