Saturday, April 17, 2010

Popcorn Popping

As you can see the apricot tree is in full bloom.
I finally have a Saturday off when it isn't snowing. I got to do actual yard work! I trimmed roses, and raspberries and did a little weeding and took a huge load of stuff to the green-cycle. My neighbors helped because they don't have a trailer and wanted to take some too so we combined our efforts and it helped us both.

Sweet C has been remaking the pond and the waterfall. He is almost done and it looks wonderful. He has been doing lots of work in the yard, while I have been working 10-12 hour days. Sigh.
The magnolia tree is in full bloom, though I cannot figure out how to flip the picture.
And you really should wish you could smell the hyacinths and the magnolia blossoms.

I should add a few dozen more, in larger groupings.
We have had a real problem with deer this year, and most of the tulips have been chewed off terribly, but for some reason they don't eat the hyacinths.

I sure do love spring!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fill out that Census form.

So, I am way too busy with the Census to post most of the time, and for the rest of this month at least, will continue to be over busy. We have at least 5 operations going right now. By May though, I think we will be down to only two, and I am going to go to the HMQS as long as I am still allowed a couple of days off. (got it approved weeks ago, but if I asked today the answer would be no) I will be taking classes in using my long arm quilting machine. I can do lots of great things right now with the computerized part, so I could do any work for you that you want, but I want to become better on the free arm portion. All show quilts are done there. Wish me luck. I am no artist and it really is drawing, using a very large sewing machine as your pencil.
BTW, much of my work is driven by whether or not people filled out their census form. If they did not, and many are protesting government by not, we will be at your door asking. I just need to say that this is the one arm or the government that actually does you some good. We get our representation to government through our numbers, we get all the tax monies we paid back to our state, county and city through the numbers, and we create history. So please, for your own good and mine, fill out your census form NOW and send it in. The cutoff for us having to go to your home if you didn't is almost immediately.