Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulip Festival

It's Tulip Festival Time at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. For those of you who cannot come, I thought I would give you a small virtual tour. Of course, this is only a taste. I took more than a hundred pictures, and didn't get nearly everything.

Some of the daffodils that are still out. I missed Daffodil Days, but really, I didn't miss many of the blooms.
I love this color mix.
This view is coming up the walk toward the top.

I love all views of the stream, but really like this one with the statue.
This is where the stream enters into the pond. There are usually lots of frogs here, but it is too early right now.
This is a view of the butterfly garden from the top of the hill.

I love the smell of hyacinths.
Isn't this a great daffodil!
This one is in the center of the secret garden. I couldn't show all views in there, but they are all lovely.

I wish I knew the name of the yellow drop flower.

This is the circle outside the gardens where you first come in.
And of course this is the gateway saying enter here and enjoy my blooms. I really would like to encourage anyone who lives nearby to go visit the gardens during tulip festival. It is so beautiful. They also have entertainment daily.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome spring!!!

Last thursday it was a record low high of 43. We got 6 1/2 inches of snow. I took these in our yard on Wednesday.
My poor magnolia tree, where the first few flowers all froze as soon as they opened.

Some of the new bulbs I put in last fall.
I wish the color were more true to reality. Or maybe I wish reality had some blues in it. I have a blue garden that always seems to be purple or pink.

And these Hyacinths are really a very pretty pink with purple flowers around them.
One thing I have learned though. Even 20 dozen tulips don't look like much spread over the whole yard.
We went to Thanksgiving Point on Wednesday and I find that the best looking clumps of tulips are about 24 bulbs in 3-4 sqare feet. I planted them too far apart. I will take some pictures down there to show you the difference. On the other hand, I love my yard, and it is getting prettier every day. I love spring. I love the tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other spring flowers. The fruit trees are in bloom too, and the lilacs will open soon. Smells so good out there. The grass is so green this time of year. May I suggest everyone who can take the time to go to a garden nearby.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snow II

After what I said yesterday the air warmed enough to take all the snow off the little branches. Then last night it got colder and more snow came. Talk about lots of snow! Notice the pile on the branches! Some of the branches out front have 4 inches piled on them. The thing is, the sap has started flowing, so unlike the winter, when the branches are stiff, they are rather soft, and they drooop under the weight. Look at the opening to the garden. The lilac branches are hanging so low you'd have to crawl under to get to the garden. But now the sun is shining, and it is absolutely gorgeous out!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I keep thinking I'll post but have been so busy with the non-work stuff, like taxes (aaauuuggghh!) and putting in the spring garden, that I don't get here. I just want to say that spring could come anytime. I am really ready! I am more than ready!
I say this because right now outside my window huge flakes of snow are coming down and swirling around in circles. We have a warm day, then a storm, then a warm day, then two storms in a row. Today started out rainy, and while it is supposed to be 75 by Saturday, there is so much snow coming so fast I wonder how it can all melt. The little limbs on the trees are two inches deep, then it drops in big chunks. Then it builds up again. It really is a heavy winter storm. Hah!
I am now going to go back to figuring out how one should apply for a management job in the Provo Census office which opens in the fall. I am going to be administering tests, but am finding the process a little hard to understand. I need to be able to tell people how to apply, and check over their applications. Wish me luck.