Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pictures, please!!!

I know all of you younger people now have face book and that is how you communicate with all your friends across the globe. Good for you. However, sometimes we older folks don't do facebook, don't want to know some of the things you post, and you may not want us to know that much about you either. So don't forget the blogs! You don't even have to write much, just give us new pictures of our grandkids every week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Help, anyone?

So I would really like to divide this blog into two. Anyone out there know how to do that? Would you help me?

Home again, home again,. . . .

Finally home from work mid September (can you believe I haven't posted in so long?) and I have WAY too much to do in garden and house - not to mention the business.
But when daughter and son-in-law invited me up for a couple of weeks I couldn't resist. Had a wonderful time with the babies!! I came back home Oct. 26 and woke the next morning to this!

Of course, it didn't last. Most melted that day and the rest the next day. I have been madly trimming bushes and plants out of the yard and garden. Nearly filled our large trailer. I really need another couple of full days to finish, but the weather is raining today, and supposed to change to winter now. I may, or may not get back to finish. Oh, well, there is always spring.
I really love the fall colors and bedding down the garden. There is something very satisfying about trimming everything and having it ready for the snow. If the above had lasted the limbs would all have broken.
Now, I should just mention that I am still learning quilting. Didn't spend enough time on it while the Census was going on, but now I work on something every day. I do need to do more hand driven practice, but Things are looking pretty good. More about that later.