Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving and renovating

We threw everything into boxes, threw the boxes in a rented truck and a rented trailer, cleaned the house and started our drive. Unfortunately, we ran into a snowstorm that had us stopping every few miles to clear the windshields and headlights. We finally gave up and spent the night in a motel. That put us home just in time for church on Sunday, and then it was night. Youngest son to the rescue. He came down mid-morning Monday and is such a good, hard worker that along with some young neighborhood kids to help, we unloaded the whole truck. Most of it went into the garage. We didn't get the truck back until the next morning - 24 hours late. However, we couldn't have made it earlier no matter what, and the rental place closed at 5pm. Sweet C. did some very quick renovation work and then flew back down to finish up his assignment in Vegas. I stayed here to unpack and meet with workers to try and get the house back together. What a mess!! I clean a spot, we do a little work and that spot is now covered with sheet rock dust, or stone dust or spilled something. I clean it again, and the dirt comes back again! I really wanted to get everything unpacked and put away before going back to Vegas in order to leave on our vacation (booked before all this came down.) It isn't going to happen. I have only unpacked the kitchen so far and still have to do everything else! (well, almost.)
On the other hand. . . .
I am so light hearted just to be home. I haven't had a minute to go out and weed or work in the yard, but just looking out and seeing grass, albeit brown grass, lifts my spirit. My friends are nearby. If I get lonely, I only need to step outside to see someone I know and love. I am soooo glad to be home. I love to travel, but need a home base, a place to come back to on a regular basis. Especially after our recent experience, I need a place that is mine. I hope Sweet C. gets to come home soon too, because I surely miss him when we are separated like this.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home foreclosure

So, we were 'served ' today with eviction papers. The owner of the home we have been living in has not been paying his mortgage, even though we have been paying our rent. We have 72 hours to vacate the premises. Get this! : by law, as renters in a foreclosure, we are merely squatters! The gentleman who delivered the notice to vacate came late in the day, had been delivering these papers all day long, and had 40 more to do before the end of the day. I guess this has become the newest way to cheat the rest of the world. Buy a home, rent it out and then rake in the rent without paying your mortgage until you get caught.
Actually we are lucky. We have a home to go back to, and were going to be moving home soon anyway. We knew this was coming for more than a week due to the diligence of my sweet husband. (When a detective came to research who was living in the house C. did a lot of searching, calling and pushing to find out what was going on.) Imagine if it came out of the blue! It has been hard enough to get everything packed and ready with a few days notice. What if I also had to find a place to live in 3 days time!
The honest thing to do would have been for the owner to let us know he was in trouble months ago, when he realized it himself. That way we would have been able to plan our lives a bit in advance.
There are houses in foreclosure all up and down the street I live on. The whole mess is ruining the economy. I am a big believer in owning your own home, and have often thought about ways that the community could help everyone to have a shot at doing that. On the other hand . . . . .

I believe most of this problem is due to greed.

The greed of people, feeling that they 'deserve' something they have not yet earned. (I know I am old, but it is wrong to think you can walk out of your parents house and immediately afford what took them 30 years to earn)
The greed of bankers willing to sell people on a mortgage that they cannot afford. (Oh, yes, they did encourage lying on the application)
The greed of home builders who sell houses for so much more than they actually cost to build. (and yes, I do believe a builder has a right to a reasonable profit)
The greed of 'investors' who believe they should be able to buy a home and in a year or less sell it and make $100,000 or more. And that they should be able to repeat and repeat the process.

Having an adjustable rate mortgage is not an excuse to walk away from a debt. (You) knew when you bought the house that your interest rate would go up, it is written into the contract. If you cannot afford the payments, don't buy the property.

Butchard Gardens

A few of the flowers we saw when we visited the gardens last summer.


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