Thursday, January 22, 2009

A bit of cheer

A quick update: I still don't know what exactly is causing my vertigo. The doctor just gave me motion sickness pills, and since they make one drowsy and so they shouldn't drive - I seldom take them. I am getting rather used to being dizzy though! Hah!
I really am posting just to bring a little spring into this very cold and snowy winter. I thought I should post some pictures I took at Thanksgiving Point Gardens last summer and saved purposely for mid-winter cheer. Hope you ENJOYED them!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

All living things need WATER!

When I got up yesterday morning the room swayed, my head spun and I nearly fell. I had to grab the closest thing twice more before I made it to the bathroom! I didn't know what to think, it felt like when I was hypoglycemic and didn't eat. But I did eat and I no longer have low blood sugar. We had been working out with the trainer the day before and my legs were killing me. He had us do three different exercises that targeted the front of the thighs and believe me, I felt the burn. Could that be causing my vertigo? Was I having my blood blocked? I had just read about the symptoms of women having heart attacks (as opposed to men), and I think I have most of them all the time. That is the biggest problem with women's health. So many of the things that would be really dangerous if it happened to a man, we deal with every month. Could I be having a heart attack? We did our normal walk, and ran a few errands. I went fabric shopping with a friend. But through it all, every time I changed position I nearly passed out. I even sat in a recliner and tried to sleep. My head was spinning even more with my eyes closed. I saw weird colors and patterns behind my eyelids.
It felt like a bad reaction to a drug, or fainting when pregnant. Mostly it felt like when you were a little kid and spinning, spinning, spinning on a merry-go-round. Then when you get off your head still spins and you have to sit down until it passes. Only, this isn't passing!
This morning, still spinning, sweet C looked it up for me on the internet. There were three possibilities, low blood pressure, an inner ear infection, or dehydration.
Dehydration sort of feels right. I forget to drink. So I started guzzling water. So far, though I am hardly back to normal, it does feel a bit better. (If it isn't all the way better by tomorrow I will call the doctor, this is just weird!!!)
So now I have another thought. My mother suffered with vertigo for years. It seemed to start after a heart surgery when her eyesight never came back into focus. Now I have to wonder if she was simply dehydrated for years. She almost never drank anything. I always worried about that, but didn't think about it causing the dizzyness.
Oh, for the days when I didn't have just one medical concern after another!!!!