Saturday, June 7, 2008

Going Home?

I took a bit of time and my sister and went to the Uintah Basin to visit. We visited the cemetery, and another sister, her daughter, their homes, my deceased parents home, the house we lived in for a few years as children and some of our old neighbors. We read a lot of headstones and sorted through some old things of my parents, and just drove around places we knew well 100 years ago. (ok, maybe only 40 years ago) The best part was spending time visiting with my sisters. We get so busy with life and our own husbands and children, that we tend to forget just how much we enjoy each others company. One of my sisters mentioned the idea of the sisters visiting Europe together. I think we'd have a ball. I think we'd love to cruise together. I think we'd love to travel America together. I know families where the sisters get together and do just that sort of thing. Only, I think my husband would want to come too, and I think I'd like him to. I can't even imagine the logistical problem of trying to get all the husbands to coordinate their vacation times and all get together!


D&E Gibby said...

I can just picture you gals touring the world. I hope you had a nice time in the Basin. I know my mom misses getting the chance to hang out with three of you back in the same state. I also feel like I miss out on fun family events sometimes--we're all spreading further out as everyone grows up.

AJ said...

It just reminds us of how wonderful families can be. There is a bond there that you can't get from anywhere else. Plus you all are great, so it is that much better.