Monday, June 30, 2008

That's entertainment

Well, the granddaughter and I have had a few good days. (Her comments when she is mad run along the lines of "this is a very bad day!") We went up to the Salt Lake Arts Festival on Friday where she got to do a lot of crafts, play a lot of musical instruments, and meet a few new people who love her just because she exists. (my sister, three of my nieces, her uncle and a friend of mine). We spent the whole day! Then on Saturday we went to the Lehi Roundup Parade. She had a great time except that she herself caught only one piece of candy and of the pieces I caught or someone gave her, I only let her eat two at the parade. Therefore, it was "the worst parade ever". However, the day was rescued when an old and very dear young friend came to visit, and she went with us to the Lehi park, where there were lots of jump games, (you know those big blow up things) and ponies to ride, and cotton candy to share (so she didn't eat too much herself). She got along famously with my young friend. She also earned the right to the rest of her candy by eating her fruit and vegetable pieces, though I still worry about the way she eats since she hates all the fruit and vegetables I offer her. Sigh. I don't remember it being so hard to get my kids to eat healthy things so I never worried about a few unhealthy things. Or do I just have a bad memory here too?


D&E Gibby said...

I wish we could come up; she and my girl would probably get along well! :0 As for the eating stuff, sometimes that's a way that kids feel like they have control of their world, and I think it can be easy at that age to stick with sweet junk instead of colorful unknowns. I commend you for trying--someday she might appreciate it!

Jennifer B said...

Wow looks like you have been really busy. How fun for both of you! We just starting planning Super Saturday and I must say we miss you here. Hope all is well!!

PS- I'm not sure if you have heard but we are expecting in Dec. =)

Lynn said...

Jen- no I hadn't heard and congratulations!!! I miss you guys too. Don't miss Vegas and the dry brown area, but I do miss you all and would love to hear what's up. Hint, hint to anyone down there.