Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Revisited

My granddaughter is visiting, and we climbed to Timpanogos Cave, (it was scary, and made her nervous, but it was worth it - her words) and visited the Bean Museum, which she absolutely adored, already knew the names of most of the animals and read aloud the names of the rest, (this museum is wwwaaaayyy better than the last time I was there) and we went to Thanksgiving Point gardens while the Plein Air art show was going on. (Look it up online, I recommend it to everyone.) This was my favorite. In the children's discovery garden my granddaughter got to paint (watercolor) her own pictures and then make the frame to put them in. They used foamies, and she says it was easy, and I tell you, she loved it.
Then we went down to the main gardens where there were real artists set up everywhere plying their trade. I watched a woman doing an oil painting of the stream that I dearly would have loved to own. They were to be sold by silent auction the next night and I guarantee you I could not have afforded this picture. We saw lots of watercolorists, and other oil painters and sculptors working and displaying. Three sculptors were particularly good with my granddaughter. They were 'arguing' over which of their sculptures was best and which she should come admire and Dennis Smith (some of you will know who he is) had her come put some clay on the sculpture of swimmers that he was working on. You would have thought he'd given her the moon! They even invited me to come join their group and learn to sculpt in clay. Wouldn't that be cool! I just may take them up on it. Anyway, I love gardens and I love art and I love my granddaughter, so I had a fabulous time at this activity.


Judy said...

Sounds like you're both having a great time. I hope she keeps this memory of her time with Grandma and Grandpa forever as a real treasure.